Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mani Pedis With My BFF

As you all know being in college is hectic. There is a lot of freedom compared to when I was in high school but it is more difficult to find time to bond with my friends. Yesterday Carren went to my house to come celebrate my father's birthday with my family&I. We also bonded over mani pedis at a near by salon. All in all we had an amazing day together. We badly needed to get pampered and to spoil ourselves even just a little. After all we don't want the stress of schooling to show on our faces. If you girls are wondering how much their service costs it's only P150 for both the manicure and the pedicure which is pretty affordable to me.

Manicure and Pedicure : Salon de Jo(formerly known as Edna's Salon)
                            On Carren : Black base with Bright Orange French Tips
                            On Aly : Creamy Light Pink and Creamy Light Blue


First Day Jitters and Fluffy Slippers

Vas Happenin' my little fashionistas? I know that I don't regularly update the blog 'cause I'm busy with college and so are my friends/co-bloggers. Last June 14 was the start of a new chapter in my life. It was the first day of college. To stave off the nerves my mum and I decided to do a little shopping and my my,look what I found in a little shop called Smooch in Ali Mall. A pair of adorable bedroom slippers in the color green with this cute red&yellow flower to top it all off. It doesn't hurt that it only costs P150!

                                                                   [ slippers : Smooch]