Thursday, April 19, 2012

Manila > Beijing > LA!

Well, hello there, lovelies!

I'm blogging from the States! Hehe. I miss the Philippines already, but, well, I'm having a (so far) okay time here. The adventure starts tomorrow, technically, so we're just chilling here.

Anyway, since we flew over here, I thought of giving you the lowdown for my flight getup.

[blouse: GAP | jeans: Levi's]


[boots: Nicole]

[necklace: gift from Kat!]
Check out the knarly details of my blouse! Hahaha.

So, there you go! These photos were taken at the Beijing Airport--we stayed in there for around two hours before boarding a connecting flight to LA... And I slept through everything.

Also, this is a very simple outfit because I was going for a more comfort feel than anything else. Another thing; I was also wearing a light grey leather jacket for the weather, but I wasn't able to take a photo for that. Sorryyyy.

AND. I have curly hair now! Okay. Haha!

Anyway, I'm off to sleep. Or something. Yeah.

Greetings from LA, everyone!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Blue For the Win

I'm keeping the outfits coming for all you fashion loving girlies out there.

 [top & skirt both from Green hills l shoes: Parisian for Rajo Laurel ]

  [pearl earrings: Green hills l belt: People Are People l watch: Elle Studio l bracelet: Celine]

  [bag: My mum's]

My family and I went to a relative's golden wedding and I decided to wear this ensemble since it's not only stylish but comfy as well. I even got to dance around in my sky high shoes during the later part of the night.


Babysitting and Running Around In Booties

Ah.It's summer again.How is everybody?Finally found time to post another December outfit of mine.
Better late than never,right?

                                                     [dress: Landmark l booties: So Fab]
                                                                        [bag: Nine West]

[bracelet: Celine]

                                                                  [watch: Elle Studio]

If you're wondering why the title is kinda weird that's because I was with a bunch of weirdos...joke.Kidding aside I got to babysit my cousin and my dentist's kids which was a lot of fun.I basically ran around the restaurant in my much loved booties. Last December we also celebrated my grandfather's 85th birthday (now,isn't that amazayn?).


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Braiding Time!

Hey guys! It's summer and it's really hot here in our country! If you have noticed, braided hairdos are trending. After we watched Hunger Games, I was pretty amazed at how they braided Katniss' hair. And since my sister and I were so bored these first few days of summer, I played with my sister's hair and tried a few braided hairdos. 
  French Side Braid
Maria usually fix Aly's long hair like this when we're at school.

 Waterfall Braid
Honestly, I don't know how to do this, my sister did this on my hair. 

 Katnis Brad 1 (a.k.a. KB1)
I saw this hairstyle of Katniss, the difference is that the excess hair wasn't tied in a bun. And it's pretty easy to do!

Katniss Brad 2 (a.k.a KB2)
I think I saw this as one of Katniss' braid too... I'm not really sure, I just call it Katniss braid. Sorry, the picture's resolution is not good, I don't have a camera with me at the time so I used my phone.

So that's it for now! Btw, I've included a link as to how to do the KB1 and Waterfall braid, for those who want to try. The Side french braid is pretty easy if you know how to do the french braid, you just start at the side! 

You should check this site for more info ->


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Style Stalking at the Fifties

Hey Lovelies! So SMACK went to their school's SENIO12'S Night with the theme "Fabulous Fifties". So we take you back to the fifties era with our costumes and vintage inspired photos. SMACK went style stalking and we took a couple of snapshots of the outfits our batch mates had on. Everybody was so well-dressed but sadly we couldn't take everyone's outfits so we just took snapshots of what we could. Since Kat was so inspired by the theme, she decided to edit the photos to make it look vintage. She knows that the pictures in that era are black and white but she wanted you all to enjoy the beautiful colors of everybody's costumes. Have an awesome day!