Friday, July 13, 2012

Beach Photo Shoot

This is a super late post of our beach photo shoot during my birthday. I was kind of stressed out on the way to the beach because it was raining. But if you want a more dramatic effect on your photos, try going there when the weather is cloudy and so on. There's no sun but it was really windy and so we really enjoyed our stay!

Last summer, you would notice that the sheer tops and uneven skirts were really trending. We found some skirts that can be bought at affordable prices, compared to the skirts sold at F21, which is too expensive.
 Left skirt: Centris Station | Middle skirt: Cocco | Right skirt: SM department store

The prices of the skirts ranges from P300-500

  I just had to have a solo pic, in this pose :)))  

With my cousins:

 Swimsuit: Jelly Bean

And as an advertisement, please visit Canyon Cove at Nasugbu, Batangas! You'll really enjoy yourselves there!

That's it for me!

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