Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fiat Lux 2012

Hey lovelies! SMACK's got another one for you! The whole SMACK went to Fiat Lux 2012,  their school's bandfest, last February 3, 2012. SMACK had a blast listening, singing and even dancing along to the music of the awesome bands. One of their good friends performed with her band, Parallax. They were totally fangirl-ing the whole time she was playing! Anyway, here are their outfits during the night. 


As you can see Kat's and Carren's outfit is no where to be found that's because they didn't have a chance to take photos of their outfits. Kat was busy manning the camera and Carren was also in the sidelines. After the whole night, both were too tired to move so they decided not to take their photos anymore, sorry! 'Till the next post! 


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