Sunday, March 12, 2017

How Junca Salon Saved My Hair

If you guys have read my latest post, you'll know that my hair isn't in it's best condition right now. After getting it colored and bleached, it's extremely damaged. That's why last weekend, I took matters into my own hands by visiting Junca Salon located at 58 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle Quezon City, Philippines. I first heard about this salon through MYX Philippines. VJ Sarah Carlos was talking about their famous Amino Acid Treatment which contains protein to make the hair stronger. I wanted to try it out for myself since at this point I was desperate to restore the health of my hair somehow.

I went there last March 1 to consult with Ms. Monika Abad their PR and Ms. Aileen their senior hair stylist. Originally, I was only supposed to avail of their Amino Acid Treatment but Ms. Aileen wanted to tone the color of my hair since she said that my highlights were not well blended. She suggested to dye my hair ash brown but I wanted a lighter color so we agreed upon a copper shade.

I came back a few days later to get my hair dyed, treated and trimmed.

Here, Ms. Miles is prepping my hair before applying the non-ammonia color. During the process, I felt no discomfort or stinging sensation on my scalp. The dye had a pleasant scent and did not smell of strong chemicals.

After they washed my hair, Ms. Miles and Ms. Rachel proceeded to apply the Amino Acid Treatment on my locks. It is a frozen hair treatment that restores the moisture which is stripped off the hair when it gets colored.

They made sure that I was comfortable and even gave me a hand massage. They also offered complimentary coffee.

After getting my hair dyed and treated, Ms. Aileen trimmed the ends of my hair to get rid of the split ends.

The result? Shiny, soft and healthy looking hair!

I am very happy with the outcome and I am super satisfied with the quality of their service! The staff is accommodating and really makes sure that their customers feel at home.

They even gave me a take home hair treatment!

I really commend Junca Salon for their exceptional services and accommodating staff! I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to further beautify their hair!


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