Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I've always enjoyed dying my hair. Back in highschool, I've tried shades of brown and once, I even went for a red hue. However, my highschool did not permit us to have colored hair so I eventually dyed my hair back to it's original color which is a dark brown. You can refer to the picture below which shows my natural hair color.

Since I've had dark hair for a couple of years now, I decided to take the plunge and dye my hair a lighter color. I wanted to go for golden brown with honeycomb blonde highlights.

I contemplated for a long time on what salon to get my hair done since I realized that a woman's crowning glory is worth the investment. Yes, it costs more to get it done professionally but the results are worth your money. And that's where I got it wrong. Great results are only possible if the stylist's knows what she/he is doing. Unfortunately, mine didn't. Hence, my hair got fried in the process.

I didn't want to mention the name of the salon but so far they have not properly responded to my complains, so for the sake of those of you who might be interested in getting their hair done there, I'll have to name it so you can avoid getting your locks massacred like what they did to mine. I will save them the pain of mentioning which particular branch was responsible for ruining my hair however, I believe that it is my duty to prevent them from causing further damage to their clients. Some of you might be shocked to hear that Status Salon is the reason behind my damaged, dry and brittle locks. It was even more baffling to find out that Tricia Gosingtian, a well known fashion blogger gets her hair colored by the same stylist who practically burned my hair.

At first, I thought they did a great job with the color of my hair. I liked how it turned out to be a vibrant shade of blonde. Even though I was actually aiming to become a brunette, I didn't complain since I thought the color suited me just fine. People even said that it complimented me.

The problem came after I washed my hair 48 hours after getting it dyed. I immediately noticed that my hair was no longer lustrous and soft to the touch. Instead, it felt frail and rough which I wasn't expecting because they had applied hair treatment after dying it. Nevertheless, it still ended up looking frizzy and unhealthy.

I actually had to get my hair fixed at another salon 'cause I was so scared that if I went back there, they would just fry my hair again and I would end up being bald. Luckily, my hair was somehow salvaged by Junca Salon. I'll talk about them in another post. 

So there, that's the story of how I got my hair fried. I hope this helps prevent future hair mishaps caused by the said salon.


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