Sunday, February 9, 2014

Birthday Gifts aka Etude House Sort of Haul :D

Okay, that was one hell of a long title. Hi guys! It's actually my first time posting here. Yeah, I know I'm kind of a lazy blogger, but I'm really busy with school and other stuff so bear with me! :) I'll try my best to post more often, I promise! 

Anyway, last January 15, I celebrated my 18th birthday. I was too lazy to plan my own debut or even organize a house party so we just had dinner at Vikings with my family and closest college friends. It was a Wednesday so I wasn't able to invite my high school friends since we have different schedules. :( More on that later. :) 

So, as expected, I got really nice gifts from my lovely friends <3. They all know that I absolutely LOVE makeup and clothes, so it was very easy for them to pick out gifts for me. So two of my closest friends, Ching and Geneva, gave me Etude House goodies (Yey!). 

I've always wanted to have a BB Cream ever since the BB Cream Rave happened. I actually have one, but it wasn't suitable for my oily skin. Fortunately, my super friend Ching came to my rescue!

Isn't it the cutest??

BTW excuse me for the quality of the photos. I'm not a good photographer (my sister is), but I'm working on it! 

Anyway this is the Dear Girls Be Clear BB Cream from Etude House

Pros :

  1. consistency of a BB cream but coverage of a concealer
  2. hides dark circles and pimple marks (no need for concealer <3 )
  3. doesn't make your face shiny (perfect for girls with oily faces like me) 
  4. cute packaging! 
  5. price (less than 500) 
  6. SPF 30 
  7. can whiten skin

Cons :

  1. one shade only 
  2. difficulty in getting desired amount (I always get too much of what I need :( ) 
So far, I am loving this product. I highly recommend it to oily girls like me! I only wish they had more shades to fit different skin tones. :(

Another gift I got from my friend is this :

... GINORMOUS bottle of Wonder Pore 7 in 1 Total Pore Solution also from Etude House. 

I still haven't tried this yet since I still have lots of pore solution here, but my friend kept on raving about this product so I'm really excited to try this out! 

Well, that's all for tonight! I still have to memorize muscles for our study on cadavers tomorrow! Yes, cadavers. Huhu. Wish me luck! :) Thanks for your time! :D 

- Carren

P.S. I'll try not to make blog posts this late at night so I can get better lighting for my photos! 

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