Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cause I'm So Vain

Hey guys! Here blogging again and just trying to update you guys about us girls. So I have a couple of pictures here to show you guys a bit of my style.

[green top: Landmark | black knit jeans: Bench | brown booties: Nava]

 My complete outfit during a college entrance exam (minus the black lace bandeau bra underneath). 

 [I know, I have a sexy back.JOKIE.]

[With the black lace bandeau bra]

[black crop top:Genevieve Gozum | black jeans: SM | bracelet: The Beadshop]

 I wore this to the mall with my friends Maria, Kc, Shie & Lourds. As you can see I have blue strands in my hair. I used Allue Spray On Color to achieve this.

[brown tank top: Greenhills | skirt: Greenhills | shoes: Landmark | necklace: bazaar]

My mom invited me to have dinner somewhere fancy and I came up with this ensemble. I don't know if you guys can notice but I have silver glitter in my hair. Thanks to Allue again. 

- Aly

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