Monday, December 5, 2011

I am Lazy

Hey lovelies! Since I'm way too lazy to do most of my homeworks, I am here to post some outfits of mine and save the day! Okay, my weehdoh vibe is showing... On to the outfits!

[shirt: Forever 21; shorts: Jellybean; shoes: I forgot...]
My tummy is showing :((

[dress: from God knows where; shoes: Gibi]
I wore this at some formal party

 [LEFT PICTURE - shirt: freeway | shorts: SM | shoes: Toms] [RIGHT PICTURE - shirt: artwork]
I wore this when I went on a date with my dear friend, Alex

[dress: custom | shoes: Gibi | accessories: Wellmanson]

Just so you can see the front part. I look very Chinese here, it's creepy -____-

That's it for tonight! 


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