Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas!

[blazer: Tomato | top: gift | skirt: Forever 21 | shoes: Trunk Show]

Happy holidays everyone! So I finally have an outfit post for you guys. While I was taking these photos my camera fell. :(( It was broken for like a day during Christmas day no less! But the good news is I got it fixed today in Greenhills. It cost me 800 pesos but that's better than buying a new one. Anyway I was suppose to wear this outfit for a Christmas dinner with family and relatives but decided not to. I was mourning over my camera and was too lazy to change so I decided to wear something else. This outfit though was too pretty not to be posted and I would probably wear it on another day. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and have a blessed New Year!

-- Kat

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