Monday, December 26, 2011

The Holiday Spirit

Okay, so, I promised myself (and the other SMACK members) that I would post this Christmas. I have two outfits here, yay!

So, first, this is what I wore for Christmas.
[top & skirt: custom | shoes: Le Donne, mom's | belt: Forever 21]
Derp face please. HAHAHA.

You might find it interesting to note that I designed this "dress". HAHAHA. YES I AM PROUD. Although the sleeves didn't turn out quite the way I liked them, I was happy with the result anyway. I'll post the lace detail of the top when I get a proper picture of it, the others turned out blurry.

Also, I used my mom's shoes, which killed my feet. She's a size smaller, but, well... Beauty means pain. BUAHAHAHA.

Mm, anyway, next outfit (which, looking back, has a similar vibe to the previous one. I guess my style is obvious.)!

[top: Apple & Eve | belt: SM Dptmt. Store | skirt: Old Navy]

My flats weren't able to make it to the photo (LOL), but they're just plain black ones which I can't remember the brand of, and I got it from a grandaunt.

On another irrelevant note, I'm texting Aly here! And I think I had just gotten a text from KC whn my dad snapped this. I wasn't really planning to document this, really, but... Yeah, it's here! I'll probably wear this again someday.

My holidays have been mostly sitting in front of the computer and typing away and getting obsessed with One Direction. Yes, I proclaim that with conviction.

So, anyway, I'm off. Happy holidays, everyone!


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