Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cupcakes and Empty Units

So, last Wednesday, some of us got together for my very late birthday celebration of sorts. Aly, Kat, and Carren (Aly's best friend) went over to the condo and we swam downstairs and basically pigged out a lot. /truth

Anyway, afterward, we had a little photoshoot because there was an unclaimed unit directly in front of ours, and it looked so well on us (Glad You Came pun right there hihi) that we just had to. Besides, we really were supposed to take outfit shots for the blog, lulz.

For now I'm going to post several shots of me and Aly from the shoot, because Kat hasn't uploaded any of her pictures yet, and our official "outfit shots" are in her cam. The following were all shot by Carren, who is amazing, and her color accent setting is beautiful.

There we are looking gorgeous. JOKE.

Those are the shots in their full, unedited glory. I haven't time to sharpen and focus them, but I think they look good anyway, no?

Anway, that's it for now. I'm gonna go bug Kat about posting the proper outfit details. Hehe.


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