Monday, December 26, 2011

The Holiday Spirit

Okay, so, I promised myself (and the other SMACK members) that I would post this Christmas. I have two outfits here, yay!

So, first, this is what I wore for Christmas.
[top & skirt: custom | shoes: Le Donne, mom's | belt: Forever 21]
Derp face please. HAHAHA.

You might find it interesting to note that I designed this "dress". HAHAHA. YES I AM PROUD. Although the sleeves didn't turn out quite the way I liked them, I was happy with the result anyway. I'll post the lace detail of the top when I get a proper picture of it, the others turned out blurry.

Also, I used my mom's shoes, which killed my feet. She's a size smaller, but, well... Beauty means pain. BUAHAHAHA.

Mm, anyway, next outfit (which, looking back, has a similar vibe to the previous one. I guess my style is obvious.)!

[top: Apple & Eve | belt: SM Dptmt. Store | skirt: Old Navy]

My flats weren't able to make it to the photo (LOL), but they're just plain black ones which I can't remember the brand of, and I got it from a grandaunt.

On another irrelevant note, I'm texting Aly here! And I think I had just gotten a text from KC whn my dad snapped this. I wasn't really planning to document this, really, but... Yeah, it's here! I'll probably wear this again someday.

My holidays have been mostly sitting in front of the computer and typing away and getting obsessed with One Direction. Yes, I proclaim that with conviction.

So, anyway, I'm off. Happy holidays, everyone!


A Very Merry Christmas!

[blazer: Tomato | top: gift | skirt: Forever 21 | shoes: Trunk Show]

Happy holidays everyone! So I finally have an outfit post for you guys. While I was taking these photos my camera fell. :(( It was broken for like a day during Christmas day no less! But the good news is I got it fixed today in Greenhills. It cost me 800 pesos but that's better than buying a new one. Anyway I was suppose to wear this outfit for a Christmas dinner with family and relatives but decided not to. I was mourning over my camera and was too lazy to change so I decided to wear something else. This outfit though was too pretty not to be posted and I would probably wear it on another day. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and have a blessed New Year!

-- Kat

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Inspiration

So I know it has been sooo long since we posted and we do apologize for that! I don't have any outfit pictures with me right now so for now let me show you the possible outfits you could wear this holiday season. So I hope you guys have a Happy Holidays! Hopefully this post helped you somehow get an idea of what to wear this holidays. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year! :)
-- Kat

This could be worn during Christmas Eve or on Christmas day.
Holiday Fun

Polka dots for New Year!
Polka dots

Monday, December 5, 2011

I am Lazy

Hey lovelies! Since I'm way too lazy to do most of my homeworks, I am here to post some outfits of mine and save the day! Okay, my weehdoh vibe is showing... On to the outfits!

[shirt: Forever 21; shorts: Jellybean; shoes: I forgot...]
My tummy is showing :((

[dress: from God knows where; shoes: Gibi]
I wore this at some formal party

 [LEFT PICTURE - shirt: freeway | shorts: SM | shoes: Toms] [RIGHT PICTURE - shirt: artwork]
I wore this when I went on a date with my dear friend, Alex

[dress: custom | shoes: Gibi | accessories: Wellmanson]

Just so you can see the front part. I look very Chinese here, it's creepy -____-

That's it for tonight! 


Under Construction!

So sorry, lovelies! We are still under construction with our blog. Please do bear with us. We are trying our best to update but school has been waaay to hectic. Christmas break is coming up so I guess we can sorta promise you an updated and finished blog. As you can see, the whole look has been changing 'cause we are still trying to find the perfect look that screams us! We'll let you know when we're done. Just you guys wait.

We hope you all understand. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Aly's Hair Review

Since I love hair so much (seriously, I do) I'm going to do a review on everybody's hair. Now my first victim is my best friend, Carren (don't worry I asked her permission). How can I describe the awesomeness of Carren's hair? Well for one thing it's pretty choppy and I do mean C-H-O-P-P-Y. Layers here and there, my friends. She has naturally dark brown hair like moi and she sports a shaggy fringe (bangs).She will be getting a her haircut soon and we were thinking about cutting her hair with a razor and adding a full fringe. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below!

- Aly

Cupcakes and Empty Units ( part two! )

Hey lovelies!
So Maria previously posted our attempted photo shoot. It was our first time as group so bear with us! Anyway she promised you guys that I would post some more pictures of their outfit shots and so far here are the stuff I got.

[purple dress, Gap denim vest]

[Nine West sandals]

[blue lace camisole, tribal print maxi skirt]

[Nava feather necklace, silver sandals]

Do forgive me, that's all that are ready as of the moment. Sorry they're quiet small. Just click on them so you can have a better view. I know now what to do next time. Bear with me since this is one of the first few posts I did. Anyway, I had a blast taking these shots [no they aren't the only photos I have taken, they're the only ones ready though]. Pardon the amateur like photography skills. Will try to do better! Enjoy!


Cause I'm So Vain

Hey guys! Here blogging again and just trying to update you guys about us girls. So I have a couple of pictures here to show you guys a bit of my style.

[green top: Landmark | black knit jeans: Bench | brown booties: Nava]

 My complete outfit during a college entrance exam (minus the black lace bandeau bra underneath). 

 [I know, I have a sexy back.JOKIE.]

[With the black lace bandeau bra]

[black crop top:Genevieve Gozum | black jeans: SM | bracelet: The Beadshop]

 I wore this to the mall with my friends Maria, Kc, Shie & Lourds. As you can see I have blue strands in my hair. I used Allue Spray On Color to achieve this.

[brown tank top: Greenhills | skirt: Greenhills | shoes: Landmark | necklace: bazaar]

My mom invited me to have dinner somewhere fancy and I came up with this ensemble. I don't know if you guys can notice but I have silver glitter in my hair. Thanks to Allue again. 

- Aly

Mane Moves

Hey,girlies. Just thought about showing you guys a pic of my chestnut mahogany hair wayback in May before I was practically forced to dye it back to my original hair color which is dark brown. So there I was one September afternoon sitting on a chair in the salon when my hairstylist told me that he had dyed my hair maroon brown. Last October though I dyed my hair back to dark brown. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) the dye washed out so now I have reddish brown hair, AGAIN. What color do you think suits me best?

- Aly

Cupcakes and Empty Units

So, last Wednesday, some of us got together for my very late birthday celebration of sorts. Aly, Kat, and Carren (Aly's best friend) went over to the condo and we swam downstairs and basically pigged out a lot. /truth

Anyway, afterward, we had a little photoshoot because there was an unclaimed unit directly in front of ours, and it looked so well on us (Glad You Came pun right there hihi) that we just had to. Besides, we really were supposed to take outfit shots for the blog, lulz.

For now I'm going to post several shots of me and Aly from the shoot, because Kat hasn't uploaded any of her pictures yet, and our official "outfit shots" are in her cam. The following were all shot by Carren, who is amazing, and her color accent setting is beautiful.

There we are looking gorgeous. JOKE.

Those are the shots in their full, unedited glory. I haven't time to sharpen and focus them, but I think they look good anyway, no?

Anway, that's it for now. I'm gonna go bug Kat about posting the proper outfit details. Hehe.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Let's go Bowling! :)

Hi! KC here! Since no one is posting some stuff, I guess I'll take the honor of being the first one to post something... I wore this outfit when we went out with some family friends to go bowling. It's a bit inappropriate for bowling, I think, since it's too summery :)) Sorry for the low quality pic.

[crop top: Folded n' Hung | shorts: DIY | undershirt: mom's | shoes: Suki]